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Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Fashion related to shirts

The Shirtaholic

Fashion is something which many people tend to live by in their daily existence. From the way an individual walks to the cloths they wear everything is fashion. Keeping up to date with the world of fashion and style is what many people are all about. They make sure that they get the information needed in making them looking great at any time of the day. There are many types of clothes which are worn by several people and they make sure that everything is currently up to date. In order to be In style there are certain things that take place such as fashion shows and latest releases on new cloths from many stores. Clothes such as jeans, shirts and t-shirts are the most common one’s which many people wear and certain individuals who called themselves fashion designers are responsible for putting in a new and unique spin into these clothes. There are so many fashion designers in the world and each one is responsible for making the best in clothing unlike any other.

These fashion designers create clothes with different patterns and designs which are loved and worn by many people all over the world. The shirt is a very fashionable way in which many people take liberty in wearing. There is no gender involved when it comes to wearing shirts both men and women have their fare share of shirts to choose from. Fashion designers make sure that they recreate styles from the past and put in a new spin to it so that they can be displayed in many fashion shows. Once this is done these types of clothes are been worn by the average human being as well. There are fashion designers from various parts of the world and all of them are well renowned in the world of fashion and style.

Fashion does not considerably mean about the clothes that you wear it is a lifestyle. The shirt is a very useful dress code which many people prefer from all across the globe. There are many differ designs and styles to choose from which make anybody go crazy when shopping for them. There are many categories when it comes to the world of shirts such as party shirts, casual shirts and official shirts. As you may see many people who walk on the street and go to works has to wear a shirt which is the dress code. Accessories such as ties and cufflinks are used to highlight certain attributes of a shirt. With the world constantly evolving there are many machines and techniques which are used by so many people to make these shirts. Another new trend which the world of shirts has seen is the introduction of slim fit shirts. These are shirts which as the name states fit exactly to the contours of your body. These are the most common types of shirts that are being worn by in the current generation. We can always count
of technology giving us the best in shirts in the near future.

About the Author: Jessy Taylor is a content writer who loves to share her knowledge among internet users. At the moment she is more concerned about Men Formal Shirts.

Wednesday, 6 February 2013

6 Ways to Sell Fashion Jewelry

Selling fashion jewelries is a great way to earn money. Jewelries are quite easy to sell especially if they are made from out of popular designs and gems. However, just like in any other business it can become a source of stress and anxiety if you don’t know how to sell properly. Here are some ways that you can use to make it big in the fashion jewelry retailing industry.

Buy in bulk
Buying in bulk will get you a better price for the individual items. This will allow you to have a better markup. The price flexibility allows you to have a sizeable profit while making the retail price attractive. There are companies that allow you to buy in bulk with a minimum order placement. While some wholesale traders will allow you to buy only as much as you need. Pro-tip: some traders may ask for your Tax ID so be prepared. When buying in bulk, you have to make sure that your source is credible and that each jewelry item must be made from genuine high quality materials.

Buy jewelry that has quality
Even if it is cheap, low-quality fashion jewelry will just give you headaches. If you are going for cheap and ugly stuff, might as well throw your money into the river. It is not wrong to be picky when buying fashion jewelry that you will be selling later on. But, being choosy will help you gain more customers and bring your business to the ladder of sustainable success.

Sell it on the flea market
Selling your wares on the flea market gives you maximum exposure with very little expense. The flea market has a sizeable amount of foot traffic. It is important to make your stall is professional-looking. Come up with a great branding or name and a nice banner for your stall. This will give you an aura of sophistication which can attract buyers. It pays to have a separate section for youngsters, middle-aged people and senior citizens.

Sell it on a yard sale
Fashion jewelry is a hit on yard sales. Make sure that you know the local ordinances and rules on yard sales before having one. Yard sales are almost cost-free. It is recommended to have the wares well presented to customers.  The jewelry should be properly marked and should have price tags. Before opening a yard sale, you must also exert some marketing strategies to ensure that your neighbors will flock into your yard and leave you with more profit. Display it in a very attractive manner and create some cheap but visually appealing fliers so that your neighbors will be enticed to visit your place.

Place an ad on a local newspaper, radio or use social media
Use the power of media in letting people know that you are selling fashion jewelry. The ad should include your contact information and the items up for sale. You can also post pictures of your wares on Facebook. Use Twitter to entice your followers about your discounted jewelry. The listing of prices on an ad is optional so that the buyers would need to contact you for the information. You may also come up with an email dedicated solely on catering your target market’s questions about your products.  This way, they will know that you are not a scam.  Just be sure to make a quick reply as much as possible.

Sell on eBay
Let’s face it. eBay remains the top auction site and attracts a lot of traffic. Pictures speak a lot and be sure you have tons. Make your prices competitive since you will have lots of competitors. Before posting your products on eBay, make sure to have complete research first so that you are aware with what your competitors are up to.

A lot of children and teens are now using fashion jewelry as a way to express themselves without the expensive price tag. This serves your ticket to a great fortune if you can sell fashion jewelry effectively. So what are you waiting for?

About the Author:

Ryan Rivera used to suffer from anxiety attacks for seven years.  He now dedicates his life in writing articles that will help people in coping with anxiety, stress, panic attacks and depression. You can read more of his writings at Calm Clinic.

Sunday, 27 January 2013

What Model Scouts Are Really Looking For

If you've always dreamed of being a model or just love fashion and want to learn more about the industry, then you'll need to know how scouts find fresh faces. After all, who can forget Kate Moss getting scouted in the airport? Many ladies and gentlemen dream of being picked up off the street and transported into the fairy tale dreamland of modeling, but worry that they aren't attractive enough or "in this season". Fortunately, this isn't quite how model scouting works.

Model scouts look beyond your "look". It's not all about whether or not you have perfect bone structure or spot-on measurements for sample sizes. Scouts are also looking for that "something extra". Confidence and a great personality are just as important for model scouts as looks. In fact, some potential models are turned down each year because they showed up with a terrible attitude.

Versatility is useful. Sometimes, having a strong and unique look can work against you. Models who are versatile can work in more campaigns, bringing the agency more money. If you're interested, you can develop this talent by practicing different poses and emotions in the mirror at home. Work on expressing yourself in a variety of different ways to become more versatile.

It's not about perfection. Being a model doesn't mean being perfect. In fact, a crooked smile or large nose can work in your favor and help you stand out from the crowd. As long as you still continue to work to develop a range of expressions and styles, distinctive features may benefit you. Today's modeling industry is more diverse than ever. Scouts know to look for different body types and faces.

Yes, you should probably be tall. Although it can be painful to many short ladies, model scouts are generally looking for taller women. Why? Sample sizes are scaled to fit tall and typically slender women. Shorter models require more work to make the samples fit properly.

You don't need to wear tons of makeup. Most model scouts are trained to look beyond your clothing and makeup. In fact, wearing a face full of makeup could potentially turn off scouts, since they want to see your underlying beauty. Light makeup, like foundation and mascara, should be all that you need.

Modeling is a tough industry to break into, but it's always possible to get scouted. Model scouts tend to go where people congregate when they're on the lookout for new faces. If you're interested in modeling, your dream could come true at a concert, while shopping or almost anywhere else.

About the Author

Lindsay Sanders of is an expert in the modeling and fashion industry. She mostly writes advice and opinion articles for amateur and professional models.

Monday, 21 January 2013

The Most Extreme Weddings – Samuel Kleinberg

Your wedding will (hopefully) be once in a life time, meaning you only have one chance to make sure it is everything you want it to be.

Most people tend to opt for a large gathering of friends and family with booze, a priest and havoc. While this can certainly be beautiful and memorable, some people want to do something a little more ‘extreme.’

What follows is a list of some of the more extreme weddings that people have done. This isn’t a conclusive list of course, there are a million cool and creative weddings you can do.

So without further ado:

Hung up in love

One couple had a fascination with body modifications. Piercings, tattoos, scarification and more. They both had experienced numerous things that could make the average person a bit squeamish which is why they decided to tie the knot while hung up in trees.

When I say ‘hung up’ I mean it quite literally. The two had large hooks shoved into their backs and then were suspended in some trees. I’m told this can be quite painful, which I guess is a good thing for some people. Go figure.

You make me float…

On a much less painful side of the extreme spectrum one couple decided to get married while floating, as if they were in space.

Part of the training for astronauts is to go up in a plane that goes up and down at incredibly speeds, this movement creates a sort of artificial lack of gravity, making it feel like you are in space. One couple used this plane to get married, kissing while they literally floated by their friends.

The Slopes of Love

Skiing really is a great metaphor for life. It is fast and hard, it tires you out and there can be sudden turns, hills and jumps. You never know what’s going to happen around the next bend and if you crash, you crash hard.

That might be why one couple decided to get married while skiing. They brought a priest up to Whistler and tied the knot at top speeds.

Getting all Wet

One style of wedding that is starting to gain popularity is not recommended for those who never learned how to swim… or those afraid of fish.

The underwater wedding is now being offered by many ‘extreme’ weddings companies that also do sky diving and mountain climbing weddings for adventurous couples.

These are just a sampling of some of the extreme weddings out there, there are many more interesting things you can do.

By: Kole for Samuel Kleinberg's Diamond Earrings Toronto  Samuel Kleinberg's Diamond Earrings Toronto

Monday, 7 January 2013

15 useful beauty tips for women

Most of the people remain in search the easiest and most useful beauty tips throughout their lives. This article contains the information which will help you maintain the beauty and build a better beauty foundation to put your excellent face forward on the daily basis.
Some useful beauty tips are as follows:

Eye Cream for the Cuticles:

Is it inappropriate to spend lots of your money on the cuticle cream, instead you can use the hydrating eye and the extra moisturizing one to cure dry cuticles.

Prevent Your Hair Color From Fading:

Most of the people don’t know how to prevent their hair color from fading. You can do this job easily by having a deep conditioning treatment once a month. This doesn’t only help you in locking the color but also add the benefit in staving off dry and damage locks.

Keep away from overly rosy cheeks:

A natural glow avec blush is definitely an inside look for spring, but it is better to avoid brushing in too much. Your blush line should be at two finger widths away from the nose and only on the apples of the cheeks. This will help you to create a natural flow without getting overboard.

Using Oil on Your Skin:

It is always recommended to use the oil based product to remove makeup and the dirt from your skin, because it can actually improve your epidermis' condition. Over cleaning always stimulates the sebum glands to produce oil, you can overcome this situation by using the oil based product, because they have the opposite effect.

Oomph to Cheekbones:

Applying the bronzer directly under the cheekbone will make your cheekbones appear higher and give them solid structure.

Hair Lift:

Adding a Volumizing spray to your roots before drying your hair will give your locks some extra lift.

Fuller Lips:

You can get rid of the thin and pursed puckers by extending your lips using a natural toned lip liner. You have to be careful through the procedure, because over extension can make your look bad.

Nix Flaky Mascara:

Remember, only the old mascara will flake onto your face after you apply. It is better to use the fresh one and to keep the mascara tube tightly sealed.

Dry Out Pimples:

You can easily dry out the pimples by dabbing toothpaste on them.

Curls Bounce:

Always avoid brushing curls out with a brush; loosening them with your fingers is a great idea. You can get the added lift of the curls without flattening them down.

Banish Oil:

You can clear your skin of any oily breakout by using the blotting papers; this will remove the excessive oil on your epidermis and prevent breakouts.

The Use Exfoliator Daily:

The daily use of exfoilation will buff away the dead skin cells which veil the skin's natural glow.

Removing the Nail Polish:

A clear top coat to the nail is a useful tool to remove the cracked or chipped nail polish.

For the Greasy Hair:

It is wrong to apply the conditioner directly to the hair’s roots. It is recommended to apply the heavy moisturizing cream to the locks' ends.

Cleaning the Makeup Tools:

It is always better to keep your beauty tools clean like the Q-tip, a powder brush and the razor. Remember, this can become the breeding ground of the bacteria even after the couple of usage.

Author Bio:
Gloria Philips is a fashion designer and she has done her MBA in fashion designing. She is very much interested in everything that is fashion connected.  She likes to write about new trends in fashion and she recommends Leather Jackets on Lyst to women.

Friday, 4 January 2013

Manic Panic

When Manic Panic first began it was only a small boutique in New York City and now it is a multimillion dollar company that is known across the globe in places that include Australia, UK, Italy, Germany and more. The beginning of this cosmetics brand saw two sisters, Tish and Snooky, opening a small store that was actually America’s first punk rock boutique. From the beginning these two sisters were selling bright and unusual colours in the form of hair dye and cosmetics and now they still do, the only difference is they have a lot more to sell. They have built a loyal customer base over the three decades Manic Panic has been around allowing them to succeed internationally.

The thing everyone knows about Manic Panic is that every last product has been made with the safest substances. This allows individuals to use hair dyes without worrying about damage, which means they can use them more than once. Another thing that we know about their products is that they are all vegan friendly. This means that absolutely anybody can use their products and not have to worry. The two owners have always been very against animal cruelty, which is why they do what they can to help, whether it is with their products or with events and donations.

What fans really love about the owners of Manic Panic is how passionate about their products they are. They sell hair dye and cosmetics which they also use themselves to their to punk and rock customers. The sisters are also musicians who were in the original line up of Blondie, and they are still musicians today, performing for fans regularly whilst running their business. This is definitely one of the reasons why this brand is so popular and they are not afraid to show off how much they love their products by wearing them everywhere.

Over the last three decades, Manic Panic has created some of the most insane colours, including Electric Banana and Vampire Red. With these insane colours in their collection, which is unique to them, many people have copied their style and attempted to release similar colours under different brand names. Why some have had success doing this, the name of Manic Panic still ensures that they are a stronger presence in the market. Bringing more and more to their customers, Tish and Snooky have always put them first and ensured they have everything they need, which is why there are still so popular.

Monday, 31 December 2012

Finding the Best Online Jewelry Store – Points to Remember

Buying jewelry online is great way to save money and time. Online jewelry sellers usually have lower operating costs that typical jewelry stores and retailers. Online stores often procure surplus stock and sell it at a fraction of standard market price. It indicates that you can purchase jewelry online at a much less price than that of in a jewelry store situated in a luxury shopping mall. However, like any other online shopping you need to be careful about the financial transactions and confidential information.

As you search through internet for the best online jewelry store you will find a number of stores available online advertising to grab shoppers’ attention. But what makes an online jewelry store popular is its collection of quality items combined with prompt service.

Here are a few things that you need to remember when you buy jewelry online.

Research online about the jewelry you want to buy

Whether it is precious metal or stone jewelry you need to do a good amount of research on the item you wish to buy. Learn about the variety of material, cuts and designs, quality grades or standard available for the precious metal or gemstone of your choice.  Know about the sizes beforehand so that it fits well for your requirement.

When you browse through an online store search with the name of the item, for example, ‘earrings’, ‘necklace’ or more specifically ‘wedding rings’ or ‘solitaire diamond ring’ and so on. Or you can also search with the combination of type of metal or stone and the type of jewelry such as ‘gold chains’, ‘pearl earrings’ and so on to quickly find the exact item you wish to buy.

Check the online store thoroughly

Return and exchange policies: Most sites have a limited period return and exchange policy, that is you have to return a product (if required) within a certain period be it 30 days or 15 days from the date of purchase. Also the site should have clear return policy stating the process of return. Most online shops provide the facility of free reverse pick up.

Shipping options: They online shop should adopt proper, secure shipping of fine jewelry so that you get it intact in perfect shape and form.

Warranty: Most reputed online jewelry stores offer warranty service. This can beneficial for you if you need to avail servicing of a jewelry item.

Customer services: The best online jewelry store should have very good customer service with quick response and 24x7 accessible phone numbers for queries.

Discounts available and its terms and conditions: Check whether discounts are available on the jewelry you want to buy. Go through the terms and conditions for the discount offers if available so that you can benefit from it.

Service options: Most of the leading online stores offer various maintenance services for jewelry to their customers without any extra cost. Some of these are stone polishing, cleaning, and clasp tightening.

Customer reviews: Reading customer reviews about the products of an online store and its services is a must for every buyer. It prevents you from making a costly mistake that you will regret ever after. The more positive reviews you get about an online jewelry shop the higher it should be in your list of best online jewelry shopping sites.

Secure shopping option: Last and the most important point is secure transaction for the purchase. Check whether the transaction data are protected with SSL. That is the transaction page URL should start with an https:// rather than regular http://. Make sure that the online jewelry seller site does not share customer’s private and confidential data with anyone other third-party site. It should have all possible security options enabled to prevent stealing of confidential data and cyber crimes. 


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