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Thursday, 27 September 2012

Body Bag as Fashion Statement

Accessories remain a major trend in the fashion industry.  One of the most important is the handbag.  Coordinating purses with your wardrobe can make a powerful fashion statement. You can go from functional to fabulous with the right purse. In particular, the versatility of the body bag has made it a must-have for women and men alike.  
A body bag can have one large interior holder or multiple compartments.  Each type has its advantages.  Your choice will depend on how you plan to use your purse.  For everyday use, the single pocket purse may be sufficient.  But if you do any type of traveling, even if it is just around town, the organizer interior is the better solution.  You can use the different pockets to group items together including money, credit cards, travel IDs, and electronic devices like cell phones and MP3 players.  Professional women also prefer this option.
There are a plethora of styles available.  If your budget does not allow for multiple purchases, select a purse with a classic style so you can use it for any occasion.  It will complement most outfits in your closet.  You can choose a cloth or leather bag.  The leather one will probably last longer.  It is also easier to clean.  Color choice should be made so your purse coordinates with the majority of your clothes.

Consider the hardware on the purse.  If you tend to wear more silver jewelry than gold, get a bag that has silver hardware.  This is a great way to further coordinate your purse with your wardrobe.  The smallest details can make the greatest impact when it comes to appearance.  And fashion is all about the details.
Men also like the body bag for work and school activities.  It can be used to carry files or books. Many men now carry a bag instead of a briefcase to work which is more appropriate in less formal work settings.  You can still present a more formal impression simply by removing the straps and carrying it by hand.  The bag is more affordable than a briefcase of equal quality.  Even men can use this bag for fashionable purposes.

The body bag is highly versatile.  It has multiple uses and is available with different specifications. With so many styles from which to choose, you just have to look to find one you like.  You are guaranteed to find one that suits your lifestyle while making a fashion statement.



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