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Monday, 31 December 2012

Finding the Best Online Jewelry Store – Points to Remember

Buying jewelry online is great way to save money and time. Online jewelry sellers usually have lower operating costs that typical jewelry stores and retailers. Online stores often procure surplus stock and sell it at a fraction of standard market price. It indicates that you can purchase jewelry online at a much less price than that of in a jewelry store situated in a luxury shopping mall. However, like any other online shopping you need to be careful about the financial transactions and confidential information.

As you search through internet for the best online jewelry store you will find a number of stores available online advertising to grab shoppers’ attention. But what makes an online jewelry store popular is its collection of quality items combined with prompt service.

Here are a few things that you need to remember when you buy jewelry online.

Research online about the jewelry you want to buy

Whether it is precious metal or stone jewelry you need to do a good amount of research on the item you wish to buy. Learn about the variety of material, cuts and designs, quality grades or standard available for the precious metal or gemstone of your choice.  Know about the sizes beforehand so that it fits well for your requirement.

When you browse through an online store search with the name of the item, for example, ‘earrings’, ‘necklace’ or more specifically ‘wedding rings’ or ‘solitaire diamond ring’ and so on. Or you can also search with the combination of type of metal or stone and the type of jewelry such as ‘gold chains’, ‘pearl earrings’ and so on to quickly find the exact item you wish to buy.

Check the online store thoroughly

Return and exchange policies: Most sites have a limited period return and exchange policy, that is you have to return a product (if required) within a certain period be it 30 days or 15 days from the date of purchase. Also the site should have clear return policy stating the process of return. Most online shops provide the facility of free reverse pick up.

Shipping options: They online shop should adopt proper, secure shipping of fine jewelry so that you get it intact in perfect shape and form.

Warranty: Most reputed online jewelry stores offer warranty service. This can beneficial for you if you need to avail servicing of a jewelry item.

Customer services: The best online jewelry store should have very good customer service with quick response and 24x7 accessible phone numbers for queries.

Discounts available and its terms and conditions: Check whether discounts are available on the jewelry you want to buy. Go through the terms and conditions for the discount offers if available so that you can benefit from it.

Service options: Most of the leading online stores offer various maintenance services for jewelry to their customers without any extra cost. Some of these are stone polishing, cleaning, and clasp tightening.

Customer reviews: Reading customer reviews about the products of an online store and its services is a must for every buyer. It prevents you from making a costly mistake that you will regret ever after. The more positive reviews you get about an online jewelry shop the higher it should be in your list of best online jewelry shopping sites.

Secure shopping option: Last and the most important point is secure transaction for the purchase. Check whether the transaction data are protected with SSL. That is the transaction page URL should start with an https:// rather than regular http://. Make sure that the online jewelry seller site does not share customer’s private and confidential data with anyone other third-party site. It should have all possible security options enabled to prevent stealing of confidential data and cyber crimes. 

Thursday, 20 December 2012

Celebrate the New Year with Glitter Shoes

As you toast the end of 2012 with a little bubbly in your glass, show off some razzle dazzle on your feet with shoes that will shimmer and shine from this year until next year.

Your look doesn’t have to be red-carpet ready, but there are plenty of women’s shoe styles that will immediately add just the right amount of festive glitz to everything from skinny jeans to an elegant ball gown.

As you shop, consider your New Year’s Eve plan. Will you be dancing? Standing? Walking? Party-hopping? Your plans for the big night will have a great impact on your final footwear choice.

Here are three unique selections that will help set the tone for your end-of-year celebration, as well as your evening wardrobe.

If you are hoping to find a disco ball and a DJ, think about a bootie that will make you want to shake yours all night long and well into 2013.

 These Luichiny Women's Last Chance ankle boots are a perfect option if you want to stand out of any crowd. With a hidden platform, the look is modern and the heel is a super stiletto – think diva. Pair these with jeans, a blazer and equally dazzling accessories for a fabulous night out on the town.

If you’ve accepted an invitation to an upscale soiree, show off your feminine charm in these appealing Vince Camuto Ritz dress pumps. Pair these with a simple LBD that will help give these shoes some star power.

The contrast platform midsole is metallic gold and the ornate heel design is definitely a conversation topic. Be prepared to stop and show off your impeccable style as you weave your way through the crowded room.

If you’re not sure about committing to high heels from the end of this year until early into next year, consider these chic Lucky Brand Evonne flats that will add dazzle to your look without the height. 

Not only are they glittery, but these super-fabulous shoes have a built-in secret weapon – a flexible outsole. Consider these if you need to run after a cab or elbow your way up to the front of the bar. Wearing flats, you won’t be teetering around or complaining about your feet all night.

No matter what style you want, glitter shoes make the perfect focal point for your New Year’s Eve activities. Here’s to a happy, healthy and footwear-savvy 2013!

Monday, 17 December 2012

The Finest Store for name necklaces

I have been an avid online shopper for more than a year and based on my previous experiences, great deals with bigger discounts really matter to me. These are what most online shoppers after for; to get more-more than what they pay for. Of course, the quality of every product I purchase is my second priority since I don’t want to buy sub-standard products especially in my jewelry collection. In my long-run quest to find a credible and trusted site; I stumble in a certain jewelry store that I believe to be my next hangout place for shopping onlineThe store is totally awesome because the entire jewelry product they have is not just for keeps. You can buy it and send it to someone special. The store specialize personalized necklaces for men and women. If you are looking for the right store to shop online is the right place to go. All of the jewelry they featured uses high quality materials based on market standards. You can find jewelries of your choice like gold, white gold, sterling silver, and gold plated necklaces. Never doubt the quality of the product because aside from pure gold and silver they used, it is crafted by highly skilled goldsmith.
In fact, in just 2 months, I already purchase 4 different personalized necklaces; 1 for me, 1 white gold necklace for my mom and 2 sterling silver for my siblings which has a name pendant of their own names. You will be amazed of their wide collections of personalized necklaces for men and women because of the unique designs all the jewelries have. There are ready-made necklaces that have personalized pendants but if you want to become indifferent among your friends, you can always request for any names that you desire upon purchase3 days ago, I once visited the site and look what I have just found out; another beautiful personalized necklace that really has the name of my best friend Carry. Although it doesn’t spelled right but he said it would be perfect for him to wear and he just can’t wait to have it. The customer representative says it can be change but I wanted to give a unique present for my best friend that no other person can give him. So before I started writing today, I make sure that it will be delivered to him on the next few days. The order is handled instantly the moment you purchase using your very own credit card like VISA or MasterCard and PayPal too. Take a look of it

You can choose the length of your necklace when you buy online such as 14, 16, 18, 20, and 22 inches. The thickness of pendants vary from one another depends on the style. Of course, the designs of every chain are also different; select from silver box chain or silver fine rolo chain. This is to give all interested buyers the chance to personalize their necklace. Once you purchase necklace from the store, rest assured that your order is safe and well-sealed in a special box. Whatever you preferred, the store will always make sure that their entire customer is accommodated right away with the highest standard in providing world class services online.

But there’s more to it, once you visit the site you can easily view from their drop-down categories the lists of jewelries that is crafted beautifully. There are 8 categories that you can visit and these includes Silver Name Necklaces, Gold Name Necklaces, Swarovski Name Necklaces, Gold Plated Name Necklaces, Diamond Name Necklaces, White Gold Name Necklaces, Monogram Name Necklaces, Brushed Name Necklaces, and Sparkling Name Necklaces. Every design of necklaces they have is very special that you can wear every day.

 But if you think that this is all they’ve got, think again. I was totally mesmerized the moment I scroll down from their drop-down menu under Diamond Name Necklaces because they are using real precious stones like diamonds. What a store! You can find everything in here in all your jewelry needs that lets you shop confidently with no hassle or delay whatsoever. The shop is accessible 24/7 with attentive staff that will take all of your order just like what they did to me. So for you to enjoy your shopping days, always drop at and you’ll never forget the first time you spend here.

Thursday, 13 December 2012

The Perfect Christmas Jewelry Gift to Boost Your Girlfriend’s Festive Spirit

Christmas is the best occasion to make your girlfriend realize how much she means to you by presenting her the perfect gift. But you must avoid committing the mistakes committed by men while buying Christmas gifts for their girlfriends. As the tastes of individuals differ based on their gender, many men often fail to impress their girlfriends through the perfect gift. It is also a common practice among most men to choose any of the common gift ideas for their girlfriends.

If you are finding it daunting to choose the right gift for your girlfriend, it is always advisable to choose jewelries. However, you must do some initial research to choose the jewelry that complements her stylish dress. Also, the jewelry also needs to enhance her charm and attract attention of the onlookers at Christmas parties and gatherings. Based on your convenience, you can buy the Christmas jewelry from the local as well as online stores. But you must concentrate on some simple points to choose a gift that can boost your girlfriend’s Christmas spirit.

Keep in Mind Her Likings: You can easily choose the perfect gift for your beau, as she is share a special and close bond with you. Simply by observing her wardrobe, you can get an idea about the jewelries of her choice. It is a good idea to choose one of the jewelries worn by her on a daily basis. Also, you need to concentrate on her favorite metal and gemstones. Once you understand the jewelry and style of her personal choice, it will be easier for you to decide the gift. However, you can also consider buying some classic jewelry designs and birthstone, if you are not aware of her personal likings and taste.

Consider Her Age and Body Type: While selecting a jewelry gift, it is important for the buyer to consider the age of the recipient. For instance, you cannot gift an expensive jewelry to children as they can easily break or lose the gift. On the other hand, you have options to choose from a variety of jewelry gifts for young girls. You can further impress your girlfriend by gifting a jewelry that complements her profession. When you choose a jewelry gift by keeping in mind her profession, she can wear it while attending various events and occasions. The gift can further make her realize how much attention you pay to her lifestyle and interests.

Check the Trendy Christmas Jewelry Collections: Irrespective of her age and lifestyle, every girl wants to wear the stylish and trendy jewelries. Many manufacturers even launch special holiday jewelry designs to attract the Christmas shoppers. You can simply browse through the online jewelry stores and websites of reputable jewelry manufacturers to check their Christmas jewelry collection. Most of these companies also launch a variety of trendy and stylish jewelries to suit the choice and budget of individual customers. For instance, a stylish sterling silver pendant can be purchased without paying a hefty price, but the jewelry piece will definitely touch your girlfriend’s heart.

Opt for the Handmade Jewelries: In comparison to the jewelry designs available at the local and online stores, the handmade jewelries are more effective in impressing the wearer. You can buy these handmade jewelries directly from the local jewelry designers. Many designers even sell unique and handmade jewelry designs through their website. You can further ask the designer to personalize the jewelry piece by engraving the name of your girlfriend.

When you do some initial research, it will be much easier for you to select the perfect Christmas gift for your sweetheart. However, you must decide the jewelry gift idea in much advance to buy the gift by saving your money and efforts.

Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Boost Up Your Fashion Quotient – The Right Way!

Summary: Selecting the right designer outfit does not always turn out to be as easy a task, as it might seem at a cursory glance. With the sheer range and variety of women fashion items and accessories that are currently available, it is quite natural to feel a tad confused, while looking for the best dresses for yourself. The tips provided in this piece are aimed to help you out in this regard.
The desire to look elegant and attractive has always been present in the psyche of most (if not all) women, since the days of yore. The use of a wide variety of skin and hair care products, along with other accessories, has been pretty much common among the members of the gentler sex, at all times. However, many ladies often commit the folly of not paying adequate attention to their dresses and outfits, in their bid to assume unique hairdo-s, use the most advanced cosmetics, and learn about other tricks to deck up their appearance. However, the role of classy designer outfits is extremely important in lending completeness and sophistication to the overall get-up of a lady. In what follows, you will find a few simple, yet effective, tips to give a significant boost to your style quotient:

•    Avoid fashion fads – While choosing the right attire for yourself, do not try to blindly follow the prevailing fashion trends. For example, if knee-length skirts are the flavor of the season, but they do not suit you, stay away from them. Any women fashion expert would agree that, it is not by following fads, but by selecting such dresses that go well with your persona, can you actually look charming.

•    Have no room for emotion – There might be a section in your wardrobe where you store all your old clothes, with which you have grown a sort of emotional attachment. Be mentally strong, and take out a day to get rid of such unnecessary baggage (quite literally!). There is no scope for being emotional while arranging your closet. If you keep your old clothes with you, chances are high that you will end up wearing them to some party or social gathering, and look just a bit silly!

•    Pay compliments to your figure – Choosing a designer outfit is all about highlighting the features of your figure that are, well, impressive, and hide the parts that are not worth showing off. To cite an instance, if you feel that your legs do not really do you any favor in your attempts to look fashionable, a longer dress is much more advisable for you than a short skirt.

•    Look sensuous yet elegant – There is nothing wrong in dressing bold on special occasions (an evening with a special someone, maybe!), but that does not mean that you should not tread the thin line between sensuousness and vulgarity with caution. Deep-necked t-shirts, short skirts, or a simple pair of smart jeans can do wonders for you in this regard – something that flaunting a lot of skin can never do.

•    Have a back-up plan – Every lady has a ‘bad dress day’ or a ‘bad hair day’ from time to time – and there is absolutely nothing wrong about it. If you are not feeling in the mood to dress up, simply select the staple black outfit that you had purchased, for wearing on precisely these occasions. Remember, dark solid colors (particularly black) have minimal chances of going wrong, even if you are going minimalist with other fashion accessories.

•    Be a head-turner – Just like you should have a plan to fall back upon on certain days, you should also have some fashionable designer outfits, for donning on the days when you are actually feeling like turning a few heads! If you more in favor of dressing casual, Capri trousers can be something you can consider wearing (provided that the lower portion of your legs is nicely toned). A shimmering, bejeweled top, a shiny bracelet, a headband, or other such other jewelry accessories can also serve you well, depending on the nature of the occasion for which you are dressing up. If you have a formal meeting to attend, simply put on a classy suit.
 In addition to the above, you can also wear beautiful earrings and necklaces, which would match your outfit. Carry a nice purse/handbag with you, to lend that extra dash of chicness to your appearance (choose bags that are usable too, for they should not be only about the style!). Pay due attention while selecting your footwear. The flats, sandals, heels, or other types of shoes that you choose should complement the way you have dressed up. Follow these simple women fashion tips, and allow the diva inside you make a stunning appearance!

Author’s Bio: Dips Dixon is a professional ladies dressmaker. She is also widely renowned as a knowledgeable women fashion consultant. In this article, she offers a few practical tips to make yourself look smart and charming.

Friday, 7 December 2012

Rhianna Red Or Gerri Halliwell Ginger: The Hair Colours Hitting The Scene This Winter

It can be argued that we’re seeing a bigger variety of inventive hair styles and dye jobs this winter than ever before. 2012 brought us an array of trend hybrids that proved to be both weird and beautiful. These hair trends will live on forever as classic, chic, and relevant, and the red-carpet looks pulled off by celebrities will go down in history as the most shocking and surprising hair statements we have seen in years.

Pixie Cut
The pixie hair cut became one of the most popular trends on the red carpet in early 2012, sported by stars such as Emma Watson, Rihanna, Miley Cyrus (pictured above), and Michelle Williams. This hair style is very accessible and versatile due to the fact that you can either use it to show off a rebellious and edgy look, or to appear dainty and elegant like a princess.

From Ginger to Bombshell

Talented Hollywood red-heads have apparently chosen to rebel against their ginger roots this year. In 2012, Stars like Gerri Halliwell and Emma Stone decided to hide their natural locks with blond dye jobs. Although everyone hates to say goodbye to their natural locks, the 2 talented girls look gorgeous with their new blond hairdos.


No one’s exactly sure where the dip-dye trend was born. We’d like to speculate that it was brought on by Lady Gaga’s yellow on blond dip-dye in the music video made for the popular single “Telephone”. Wherever it came from, it made thousands of girls through out the US and UK experiment with their hair tips. Many people have created their own swing of dip-dyed tips, even going so far as to dyed them rainbow using multiple colors. Somehow this hair style has morphed into a fashion hybrid that includes the comeback of grunge, goth, and punk fashion, with extra dark make up and studded spikes bedazzled on any accessory you can think of.


We can all thank ZooeyDeschanel for making every girl in the world want bangs. The use of this hair style creates a very down to earth look that fans just can’t get enough of. Stars like Taylor Swift and Carley Rae Jepsen have hopped on the bangs bandwagon as well, each with their own interpretation and height of bangs.

Bright Red Hair

Fire-engine red hair has taken the female world by storm. Thanks to Rihanna’s obvious love for the bright red dye job, even young stars from Nickelodeon shows are reinventing the red hair look. Not to mention, actresses such as Alexandra Breckenridge and Scarlett Johansson showed off vibrant red locks for recent acting gigs.

Although some of these new hair trends are ready to evolve into new exciting styles, critics have to admit that 2012 has been an amazing year for fashion and hair, as many different trends of the past have morphed together to create completely different subcultures, landing their own permanent spots in fashion history. It seems as though 2013 is going to drop some major style bombs.

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