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Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Boost Up Your Fashion Quotient – The Right Way!

Summary: Selecting the right designer outfit does not always turn out to be as easy a task, as it might seem at a cursory glance. With the sheer range and variety of women fashion items and accessories that are currently available, it is quite natural to feel a tad confused, while looking for the best dresses for yourself. The tips provided in this piece are aimed to help you out in this regard.
The desire to look elegant and attractive has always been present in the psyche of most (if not all) women, since the days of yore. The use of a wide variety of skin and hair care products, along with other accessories, has been pretty much common among the members of the gentler sex, at all times. However, many ladies often commit the folly of not paying adequate attention to their dresses and outfits, in their bid to assume unique hairdo-s, use the most advanced cosmetics, and learn about other tricks to deck up their appearance. However, the role of classy designer outfits is extremely important in lending completeness and sophistication to the overall get-up of a lady. In what follows, you will find a few simple, yet effective, tips to give a significant boost to your style quotient:

•    Avoid fashion fads – While choosing the right attire for yourself, do not try to blindly follow the prevailing fashion trends. For example, if knee-length skirts are the flavor of the season, but they do not suit you, stay away from them. Any women fashion expert would agree that, it is not by following fads, but by selecting such dresses that go well with your persona, can you actually look charming.

•    Have no room for emotion – There might be a section in your wardrobe where you store all your old clothes, with which you have grown a sort of emotional attachment. Be mentally strong, and take out a day to get rid of such unnecessary baggage (quite literally!). There is no scope for being emotional while arranging your closet. If you keep your old clothes with you, chances are high that you will end up wearing them to some party or social gathering, and look just a bit silly!

•    Pay compliments to your figure – Choosing a designer outfit is all about highlighting the features of your figure that are, well, impressive, and hide the parts that are not worth showing off. To cite an instance, if you feel that your legs do not really do you any favor in your attempts to look fashionable, a longer dress is much more advisable for you than a short skirt.

•    Look sensuous yet elegant – There is nothing wrong in dressing bold on special occasions (an evening with a special someone, maybe!), but that does not mean that you should not tread the thin line between sensuousness and vulgarity with caution. Deep-necked t-shirts, short skirts, or a simple pair of smart jeans can do wonders for you in this regard – something that flaunting a lot of skin can never do.

•    Have a back-up plan – Every lady has a ‘bad dress day’ or a ‘bad hair day’ from time to time – and there is absolutely nothing wrong about it. If you are not feeling in the mood to dress up, simply select the staple black outfit that you had purchased, for wearing on precisely these occasions. Remember, dark solid colors (particularly black) have minimal chances of going wrong, even if you are going minimalist with other fashion accessories.

•    Be a head-turner – Just like you should have a plan to fall back upon on certain days, you should also have some fashionable designer outfits, for donning on the days when you are actually feeling like turning a few heads! If you more in favor of dressing casual, Capri trousers can be something you can consider wearing (provided that the lower portion of your legs is nicely toned). A shimmering, bejeweled top, a shiny bracelet, a headband, or other such other jewelry accessories can also serve you well, depending on the nature of the occasion for which you are dressing up. If you have a formal meeting to attend, simply put on a classy suit.
 In addition to the above, you can also wear beautiful earrings and necklaces, which would match your outfit. Carry a nice purse/handbag with you, to lend that extra dash of chicness to your appearance (choose bags that are usable too, for they should not be only about the style!). Pay due attention while selecting your footwear. The flats, sandals, heels, or other types of shoes that you choose should complement the way you have dressed up. Follow these simple women fashion tips, and allow the diva inside you make a stunning appearance!

Author’s Bio: Dips Dixon is a professional ladies dressmaker. She is also widely renowned as a knowledgeable women fashion consultant. In this article, she offers a few practical tips to make yourself look smart and charming.


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