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Monday, 31 December 2012

Finding the Best Online Jewelry Store – Points to Remember

Buying jewelry online is great way to save money and time. Online jewelry sellers usually have lower operating costs that typical jewelry stores and retailers. Online stores often procure surplus stock and sell it at a fraction of standard market price. It indicates that you can purchase jewelry online at a much less price than that of in a jewelry store situated in a luxury shopping mall. However, like any other online shopping you need to be careful about the financial transactions and confidential information.

As you search through internet for the best online jewelry store you will find a number of stores available online advertising to grab shoppers’ attention. But what makes an online jewelry store popular is its collection of quality items combined with prompt service.

Here are a few things that you need to remember when you buy jewelry online.

Research online about the jewelry you want to buy

Whether it is precious metal or stone jewelry you need to do a good amount of research on the item you wish to buy. Learn about the variety of material, cuts and designs, quality grades or standard available for the precious metal or gemstone of your choice.  Know about the sizes beforehand so that it fits well for your requirement.

When you browse through an online store search with the name of the item, for example, ‘earrings’, ‘necklace’ or more specifically ‘wedding rings’ or ‘solitaire diamond ring’ and so on. Or you can also search with the combination of type of metal or stone and the type of jewelry such as ‘gold chains’, ‘pearl earrings’ and so on to quickly find the exact item you wish to buy.

Check the online store thoroughly

Return and exchange policies: Most sites have a limited period return and exchange policy, that is you have to return a product (if required) within a certain period be it 30 days or 15 days from the date of purchase. Also the site should have clear return policy stating the process of return. Most online shops provide the facility of free reverse pick up.

Shipping options: They online shop should adopt proper, secure shipping of fine jewelry so that you get it intact in perfect shape and form.

Warranty: Most reputed online jewelry stores offer warranty service. This can beneficial for you if you need to avail servicing of a jewelry item.

Customer services: The best online jewelry store should have very good customer service with quick response and 24x7 accessible phone numbers for queries.

Discounts available and its terms and conditions: Check whether discounts are available on the jewelry you want to buy. Go through the terms and conditions for the discount offers if available so that you can benefit from it.

Service options: Most of the leading online stores offer various maintenance services for jewelry to their customers without any extra cost. Some of these are stone polishing, cleaning, and clasp tightening.

Customer reviews: Reading customer reviews about the products of an online store and its services is a must for every buyer. It prevents you from making a costly mistake that you will regret ever after. The more positive reviews you get about an online jewelry shop the higher it should be in your list of best online jewelry shopping sites.

Secure shopping option: Last and the most important point is secure transaction for the purchase. Check whether the transaction data are protected with SSL. That is the transaction page URL should start with an https:// rather than regular http://. Make sure that the online jewelry seller site does not share customer’s private and confidential data with anyone other third-party site. It should have all possible security options enabled to prevent stealing of confidential data and cyber crimes. 


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