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Friday, 4 January 2013

Manic Panic

When Manic Panic first began it was only a small boutique in New York City and now it is a multimillion dollar company that is known across the globe in places that include Australia, UK, Italy, Germany and more. The beginning of this cosmetics brand saw two sisters, Tish and Snooky, opening a small store that was actually America’s first punk rock boutique. From the beginning these two sisters were selling bright and unusual colours in the form of hair dye and cosmetics and now they still do, the only difference is they have a lot more to sell. They have built a loyal customer base over the three decades Manic Panic has been around allowing them to succeed internationally.

The thing everyone knows about Manic Panic is that every last product has been made with the safest substances. This allows individuals to use hair dyes without worrying about damage, which means they can use them more than once. Another thing that we know about their products is that they are all vegan friendly. This means that absolutely anybody can use their products and not have to worry. The two owners have always been very against animal cruelty, which is why they do what they can to help, whether it is with their products or with events and donations.

What fans really love about the owners of Manic Panic is how passionate about their products they are. They sell hair dye and cosmetics which they also use themselves to their to punk and rock customers. The sisters are also musicians who were in the original line up of Blondie, and they are still musicians today, performing for fans regularly whilst running their business. This is definitely one of the reasons why this brand is so popular and they are not afraid to show off how much they love their products by wearing them everywhere.

Over the last three decades, Manic Panic has created some of the most insane colours, including Electric Banana and Vampire Red. With these insane colours in their collection, which is unique to them, many people have copied their style and attempted to release similar colours under different brand names. Why some have had success doing this, the name of Manic Panic still ensures that they are a stronger presence in the market. Bringing more and more to their customers, Tish and Snooky have always put them first and ensured they have everything they need, which is why there are still so popular.



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