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Monday, 7 January 2013

15 useful beauty tips for women

Most of the people remain in search the easiest and most useful beauty tips throughout their lives. This article contains the information which will help you maintain the beauty and build a better beauty foundation to put your excellent face forward on the daily basis.
Some useful beauty tips are as follows:

Eye Cream for the Cuticles:

Is it inappropriate to spend lots of your money on the cuticle cream, instead you can use the hydrating eye and the extra moisturizing one to cure dry cuticles.

Prevent Your Hair Color From Fading:

Most of the people don’t know how to prevent their hair color from fading. You can do this job easily by having a deep conditioning treatment once a month. This doesn’t only help you in locking the color but also add the benefit in staving off dry and damage locks.

Keep away from overly rosy cheeks:

A natural glow avec blush is definitely an inside look for spring, but it is better to avoid brushing in too much. Your blush line should be at two finger widths away from the nose and only on the apples of the cheeks. This will help you to create a natural flow without getting overboard.

Using Oil on Your Skin:

It is always recommended to use the oil based product to remove makeup and the dirt from your skin, because it can actually improve your epidermis' condition. Over cleaning always stimulates the sebum glands to produce oil, you can overcome this situation by using the oil based product, because they have the opposite effect.

Oomph to Cheekbones:

Applying the bronzer directly under the cheekbone will make your cheekbones appear higher and give them solid structure.

Hair Lift:

Adding a Volumizing spray to your roots before drying your hair will give your locks some extra lift.

Fuller Lips:

You can get rid of the thin and pursed puckers by extending your lips using a natural toned lip liner. You have to be careful through the procedure, because over extension can make your look bad.

Nix Flaky Mascara:

Remember, only the old mascara will flake onto your face after you apply. It is better to use the fresh one and to keep the mascara tube tightly sealed.

Dry Out Pimples:

You can easily dry out the pimples by dabbing toothpaste on them.

Curls Bounce:

Always avoid brushing curls out with a brush; loosening them with your fingers is a great idea. You can get the added lift of the curls without flattening them down.

Banish Oil:

You can clear your skin of any oily breakout by using the blotting papers; this will remove the excessive oil on your epidermis and prevent breakouts.

The Use Exfoliator Daily:

The daily use of exfoilation will buff away the dead skin cells which veil the skin's natural glow.

Removing the Nail Polish:

A clear top coat to the nail is a useful tool to remove the cracked or chipped nail polish.

For the Greasy Hair:

It is wrong to apply the conditioner directly to the hair’s roots. It is recommended to apply the heavy moisturizing cream to the locks' ends.

Cleaning the Makeup Tools:

It is always better to keep your beauty tools clean like the Q-tip, a powder brush and the razor. Remember, this can become the breeding ground of the bacteria even after the couple of usage.

Author Bio:
Gloria Philips is a fashion designer and she has done her MBA in fashion designing. She is very much interested in everything that is fashion connected.  She likes to write about new trends in fashion and she recommends Leather Jackets on Lyst to women.


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