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Monday, 21 January 2013

The Most Extreme Weddings – Samuel Kleinberg

Your wedding will (hopefully) be once in a life time, meaning you only have one chance to make sure it is everything you want it to be.

Most people tend to opt for a large gathering of friends and family with booze, a priest and havoc. While this can certainly be beautiful and memorable, some people want to do something a little more ‘extreme.’

What follows is a list of some of the more extreme weddings that people have done. This isn’t a conclusive list of course, there are a million cool and creative weddings you can do.

So without further ado:

Hung up in love

One couple had a fascination with body modifications. Piercings, tattoos, scarification and more. They both had experienced numerous things that could make the average person a bit squeamish which is why they decided to tie the knot while hung up in trees.

When I say ‘hung up’ I mean it quite literally. The two had large hooks shoved into their backs and then were suspended in some trees. I’m told this can be quite painful, which I guess is a good thing for some people. Go figure.

You make me float…

On a much less painful side of the extreme spectrum one couple decided to get married while floating, as if they were in space.

Part of the training for astronauts is to go up in a plane that goes up and down at incredibly speeds, this movement creates a sort of artificial lack of gravity, making it feel like you are in space. One couple used this plane to get married, kissing while they literally floated by their friends.

The Slopes of Love

Skiing really is a great metaphor for life. It is fast and hard, it tires you out and there can be sudden turns, hills and jumps. You never know what’s going to happen around the next bend and if you crash, you crash hard.

That might be why one couple decided to get married while skiing. They brought a priest up to Whistler and tied the knot at top speeds.

Getting all Wet

One style of wedding that is starting to gain popularity is not recommended for those who never learned how to swim… or those afraid of fish.

The underwater wedding is now being offered by many ‘extreme’ weddings companies that also do sky diving and mountain climbing weddings for adventurous couples.

These are just a sampling of some of the extreme weddings out there, there are many more interesting things you can do.

By: Kole for Samuel Kleinberg's Diamond Earrings Toronto  Samuel Kleinberg's Diamond Earrings Toronto


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