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Sunday, 27 January 2013

What Model Scouts Are Really Looking For

If you've always dreamed of being a model or just love fashion and want to learn more about the industry, then you'll need to know how scouts find fresh faces. After all, who can forget Kate Moss getting scouted in the airport? Many ladies and gentlemen dream of being picked up off the street and transported into the fairy tale dreamland of modeling, but worry that they aren't attractive enough or "in this season". Fortunately, this isn't quite how model scouting works.

Model scouts look beyond your "look". It's not all about whether or not you have perfect bone structure or spot-on measurements for sample sizes. Scouts are also looking for that "something extra". Confidence and a great personality are just as important for model scouts as looks. In fact, some potential models are turned down each year because they showed up with a terrible attitude.

Versatility is useful. Sometimes, having a strong and unique look can work against you. Models who are versatile can work in more campaigns, bringing the agency more money. If you're interested, you can develop this talent by practicing different poses and emotions in the mirror at home. Work on expressing yourself in a variety of different ways to become more versatile.

It's not about perfection. Being a model doesn't mean being perfect. In fact, a crooked smile or large nose can work in your favor and help you stand out from the crowd. As long as you still continue to work to develop a range of expressions and styles, distinctive features may benefit you. Today's modeling industry is more diverse than ever. Scouts know to look for different body types and faces.

Yes, you should probably be tall. Although it can be painful to many short ladies, model scouts are generally looking for taller women. Why? Sample sizes are scaled to fit tall and typically slender women. Shorter models require more work to make the samples fit properly.

You don't need to wear tons of makeup. Most model scouts are trained to look beyond your clothing and makeup. In fact, wearing a face full of makeup could potentially turn off scouts, since they want to see your underlying beauty. Light makeup, like foundation and mascara, should be all that you need.

Modeling is a tough industry to break into, but it's always possible to get scouted. Model scouts tend to go where people congregate when they're on the lookout for new faces. If you're interested in modeling, your dream could come true at a concert, while shopping or almost anywhere else.

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Lindsay Sanders of is an expert in the modeling and fashion industry. She mostly writes advice and opinion articles for amateur and professional models.


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