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Friday, 7 December 2012

Rhianna Red Or Gerri Halliwell Ginger: The Hair Colours Hitting The Scene This Winter

It can be argued that we’re seeing a bigger variety of inventive hair styles and dye jobs this winter than ever before. 2012 brought us an array of trend hybrids that proved to be both weird and beautiful. These hair trends will live on forever as classic, chic, and relevant, and the red-carpet looks pulled off by celebrities will go down in history as the most shocking and surprising hair statements we have seen in years.

Pixie Cut
The pixie hair cut became one of the most popular trends on the red carpet in early 2012, sported by stars such as Emma Watson, Rihanna, Miley Cyrus (pictured above), and Michelle Williams. This hair style is very accessible and versatile due to the fact that you can either use it to show off a rebellious and edgy look, or to appear dainty and elegant like a princess.

From Ginger to Bombshell

Talented Hollywood red-heads have apparently chosen to rebel against their ginger roots this year. In 2012, Stars like Gerri Halliwell and Emma Stone decided to hide their natural locks with blond dye jobs. Although everyone hates to say goodbye to their natural locks, the 2 talented girls look gorgeous with their new blond hairdos.


No one’s exactly sure where the dip-dye trend was born. We’d like to speculate that it was brought on by Lady Gaga’s yellow on blond dip-dye in the music video made for the popular single “Telephone”. Wherever it came from, it made thousands of girls through out the US and UK experiment with their hair tips. Many people have created their own swing of dip-dyed tips, even going so far as to dyed them rainbow using multiple colors. Somehow this hair style has morphed into a fashion hybrid that includes the comeback of grunge, goth, and punk fashion, with extra dark make up and studded spikes bedazzled on any accessory you can think of.


We can all thank ZooeyDeschanel for making every girl in the world want bangs. The use of this hair style creates a very down to earth look that fans just can’t get enough of. Stars like Taylor Swift and Carley Rae Jepsen have hopped on the bangs bandwagon as well, each with their own interpretation and height of bangs.

Bright Red Hair

Fire-engine red hair has taken the female world by storm. Thanks to Rihanna’s obvious love for the bright red dye job, even young stars from Nickelodeon shows are reinventing the red hair look. Not to mention, actresses such as Alexandra Breckenridge and Scarlett Johansson showed off vibrant red locks for recent acting gigs.

Although some of these new hair trends are ready to evolve into new exciting styles, critics have to admit that 2012 has been an amazing year for fashion and hair, as many different trends of the past have morphed together to create completely different subcultures, landing their own permanent spots in fashion history. It seems as though 2013 is going to drop some major style bombs.

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very pretty hair styles and colours! all of them are unique!

I like your post, amazing girls and hair styles <3

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