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Thursday, 29 November 2012

An Introduction To Fair Trade Jewelry

There are many ways to make the world a better place. The clothing and jewelry you choose to wear can be conscious decisions that help people in developing nations and also benefit the environment. Fair trade jewelry supports local developing economies and can be environmentally friendly.


What is fair trade jewelry?

Fair Trade jewelry (also known as ethical jewelry) is designed by large and small jewelry designers around the world. These designers typically work with local people in developing locales (such as the Kalahari Desert and Guatemala). Social causes like employment and educational opportunities for women may be supported by the proceeds of Fair Trade Jewelry.

Why should you buy fair trade jewelry?

Buying fair trade jewelry is good for several reasons. Some conventional jewelers engage in practices that are not safe for the environment. Fair trade jewelers engage in environmentally friendly practices that do not harm local water and ecosystems.

The social benefits of fair trade jewelry are also why buying fair trade is highly suggested. Owners of fair trade jewelry help support local schools and families. Buying fair trade is a great way to give and contribute to the well being of others.

Who are top designers of fair trade jewelry?

Well-established jewelers like Tiffany & Co monitor the practices of their suppliers. There are several companies both large and small that source their materials through socially and environmentally conscious suppliers. There are also several smaller vendors available online as well.

April Doubleday is an Ethical Jewelry designer who is not as well known as Tiffany & Co but has made her mark in the industry. April makes everything from wedding rings to bracelets, and pendants. She specializes in making individual pieces for her clients.

Which vendors sell fair trade jewelry?

There are several online vendors. You can also search for local designers in your area by searching “ethical jewelry designer + your city). There are many styles of fair trade jewelry, search for designers who create pieces that fit your personal style.

LeberJewelry of Chicago has been around for over 80 years. Their designs are very elegant and classic. LeberJewelry supports several causes including education and contributing to both their local and global community.

Carousel features pieces made of beautiful, vibrantly colored beads. Their bracelets and earrings are eye-catching. Carousel jewelry is made up of 100% recycled precious metal.

Giam is a well-known wellness brand that also features fair trade jewelry. Their jewelry has a tribal flair to it. Giam features jewelry from artisans all over the world.

You may research these companies as a starting point. There are several others who may feature designs and support causes that are important to you. All of these vendors can be found online.

Fair trade jewelry is fashion with a cause. Purchasing fair trade jewelry is a great way to help families and developing economies. Research the different causes affiliated with your purchases to make the best decision. In what ways are you making positive contributions to the world through the jewelry and clothing you purchase?

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