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Wednesday, 21 November 2012

What different types of lingerie says about you

When it comes to lingerie, ladies really do have a wide variety of choice, from sexy thongs, Brazilian panties, boxers to humorous motifs and pictures or even sexy lace. Underwear is another item of clothing that can make you feel like a sexy vamp and an irresistible sweetie.

Mini thong

If you feel the sexiest in a mini thong, then you can be considered as a sexy adventures woman as this type of thong covers only the necessary and does not visible underneath the clothes. They are very seductive and sexy. Ladies who like this kind of sexy and provocative lingerie are not shy and are not afraid to try new things. Miniature thongs reveal ladies that really care about their appearance and carefully take care of themselves; moreover, they are certainly very proud of her sexy butt which they prefer to emphasize in these sexy mini thongs.


Ladies who prefer to wear regular thongs with wider strips on the sides are playful but also 'refined and naughty'. Thong underwear is playful, but also very widely appropriate. You can wear them under skirts or pants in the office or under garments during exercise, and you do not have to worry about hideous visible panty line underneath your clothes. Women who wear thongs are very sophisticated and confident, often carry a very distinctive fragrance, and their favourite thong is black.

Classic briefs

Classic briefs are usually a favourite among athletes and those very active girls. This type of underwear is one of the most basic types and can be worn under almost everything. Even though the classic underwear has not exactly been a fashion hit lately, they will never go out of fashion, and their classic form will cover all of the bases. However classic briefs should not be confused with boring briefs because there are a wide variety of interesting and seductive classic briefs.

High waisted underwear

At first sight this kind of panties look exactly like the classic briefs with a little more fabric. Due to their traditional look, high-waist underwear is perfect for the conservative ladies who want to feel comfortable. However, before you discard these classic panties and comfort they offer and start reaching for a thong, think about this: women who choose underwear in which they feel completely comfortable and relaxed in fact felt good in their own skin. These types of underwear will more than likely be chosen by women who are traditional, trusted and loyal friends.


Believe it or not, sometimes the addition of more fabrics on the underwear can enhance the sexiness affect, and this true when talking about hipster underwear. With a wide strap on the side, hipster underwear makes the bottom look fuller and sexier. Hipster underwear is chosen by girls who love traditional underwear but with a sexy touch like edges accessories with lace. At first, girls who wear hipster underwear can look sweet but can just as easily surprise you with a sexy tattoo that you did not expect.

Boxer shorts

At first glance, hipsters and boxers look very similar however there are subtle differences. Boxers cover a little more skin than hipster and tend to look like hot pants. Boxers are generally the first choice for girls who like to flirt and have fun doing so. Ladies who wear them are sassy flirts who love to go out and have fun. These girls would not be strangers to dancing in their underwear much like Cameron Diaz did in 'Charlie Angels'.

Brazilian panties
What happens when you bring together hipsters and a thong? Of course you get the very popular and sexy Brazilian panties. A relatively new type of panties, Brazilian panties are pretty sexy, but still with a touch of modesty. They are very popular in a broad range of women of different ages, but all fans of this type of panties have something in common, they are sexy and glamorous. Ladies in Brazilian panties are very entertaining, and know what is the latest must have style as they tend to follow the latest fashion trends.

Besides the preferred underwear style, when buying underwear you should take into account the wide variety of choices available in colours, patterns, hems, lace, material, and many other small details. Animal prints like zebra or leopard stripes on underwear reveal a sexy woman who is not afraid to take risks. Bows and lace reveal cuties that are highly feminine while tinsel and most shiny details are preferred by playful ladies that deep down in the soul have that girly innocence.

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