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Friday, 28 September 2012

Wedding hair style tips

Marriage is undoubtedly, one of the most significant events in anyone’s life. It is perfectly natural that everyone wants to look their very best on their wedding day.
Given below are some of tips that you can consider in order to have a great hairstyle, so that you can look fabulous on your wedding day-

wedding hair styles Plan ahead: Hastiness and lack of clarity in decision-making can spell doom for your wedding preparations. Plan ahead and start making arrangements with at least a month’s time in hand. If you want to get your hair colored, permed or treated, get it done well in advance of your wedding day. In case you feel that the new style is not quite suiting you, this will help you have enough time to go for another makeover.

Choose a hairstyle: Select the hairstyle you wish to sport on the day of marriage. You need to be sure about your hair arrangement before buying the wedding veil. The style that you choose also needs to go well with your overall make up and dress. Remember, hairstyle, dress and makeup should be in perfect sync with one another, for the best results. You should also choose a hairstyle that suits your personality.

Not too bold: Don’t go for too bold or funky wedding hair styles. If you color your hair, make sure that the shade you use is not too loud. The way in which you style your hair has to match with your dress designs and make-up patterns.

Hair products: Do not try any new hair product when your wedding day is close at hand. Start using the products at least a couple of months in advance. This will allow you to properly judge the effects of the product. You can also find out if you are allergic to any particular hair product.

Coloring and trimming: If you are planning to get your hair colored, get it done at least a few weeks before the wedding date. While getting your hair colored, you can also go for a slight trim.

Hair wash: You need to wash your hair at least 24 hours before the wedding ceremony. Do not wash your hair on the very day of your wedding or on the previous night. That way, it will not get enough time to get settled. Your overall look will get affected as a result.

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Choose the right time: Do not style your hair too early on the day of your wedding. You should also avoid tying your hair too tightly. This might cause scalp irritations and you might even start experiencing severe headaches.

Hire a professional:  Hiring the services of a professional hair stylist is also a good idea. However, you need to do a thorough research for this purpose, so that you can hire the best one. The stylist whom you hire also needs to be conversant with the latest, stylish and chic wedding hair styles.

Make it a point to pamper your hair on the occasion of your marriage. After all, on this day, you definitely need to look gorgeous!

Author’s bio: Nisa is a professional hairstylist who has done a lot of courses in hair styling. She knows several forms of hair style, including wedding hair style. In her article, she has offered various types of hair style and tips for hair style, catering to the brides.  



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