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Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Tips and Picks on Ladies Handbags and Purses for Work

As women, we all love to dress well and dress sharp. We always want to look the best we can possibly be and leave an impact that the people around us will never forget. And when it comes to our workplace, all the more that we need to make sure that we are dressed properly, professionally and still fashionably as possible. And one of those fashion items that have proven their worthiness when it comes to improving the way we dress and look are those ladies handbags and fashion purses. Yes, we know that you already have a purse of bag that you carry with you in the office, but the question is, were you able to pick the right one for you? Here are some tips, ideas and guidelines regarding fashion purses that are perfect in the workplace.

A purse for every profession
Before anything else, you must first come to realize that there are handbags and purses that are really made for specific professions. Regardless of how fabulous-looking your bag is, even if it is made by the most coveted designer brands, if they don’t match the demands of your profession then we really have a problem brewing about it. If you work in a very professional setup in the office, then something like a Hermes Birkin bag will work for you perfectly. But if you are a feisty woman who happens to be a lawyer, then go for something like a classic Chanel briefcase type of bag that will give you the added “oomph” while tackling your cases in court.

For women who are inclined into the arts, then try a portfolio bag that is easy to carry and will perfectly carry all you files and even some of your works. If you are a write or editor, then put a different twist on your handbag picks by going for a doctor’s satchel and utilize its spacious and flat interior to pile up all your documents and papers. And since we mentioned doctors and if you happen to be one, and then go for something that you can easily carry around with you and still give you that needed lift when it comes to your overall outfit. Try going for a tote handbag, particularly the ones by Marc Jacobs. These bags are very roomy and structured quite well for professionals in the medical business.

The ones to veer away from
But as much as we all love black handbags, fashion purses and what have you, there are still some bags out there that you would want to stay away from especially if you are looking for something that you can use and take with you to work. As a professional, you would want to stay away from crossbody bag and messenger bags. As much as they are one of the most comfortable bags out there that offer mobility as far as your arms and hands are concerned, they do not really come out flattering for your look when it comes to dressing up smartly and sharply in the office go.


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